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Duckmandu: Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists

The definitive accordion version of the first Dead Kennedys record plus other punk tunes by the pyrotechnically virtuosic accordio-vocalisticator DUCKMANDU!

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Some soundbites from the album are here


Track 24. California Über Alles String Quintet version

Tracks 27. - 29. (After two second pauses) Sub-mixes of the chemical warfare choir

Track 30. Jason Webley screaming and choking

Track 32. Dirk Dirksen unleashing vitriol against me and all my endeavors (after five second pause). This is a parody of his "Goodbye, Get Out!" speeches he would give at the end of the punk shows he put on in the 70's and 80's. In these speeches he would berate and insult the audience members until they left. Some of these speeches are captured in concert videos available from the period.